So, what happened to the dumbells?…Why can’t I find any dumbells to buy for my home gym?

Covid-19 has interrupted daily exercise routines and daily lives. People throughout the nation, state by state are discovering their favorite gym has either closed or went out of business.

People everywhere into fitness and exercising are scrambling for creative ways to keep up their daily regiment for health and fitness.

Larger sports retail outlets and chains are either going out of business, providing limited inventory for curb side pickups only or simply have no more gym equipment and sports items to offer due to a depletion of gym equipment inventory.

The sports and gym equipment manufacturers to include fitness and exercise equipment manufacturers have all been caught off guard due to the pandemic issues caused by Covid-19.

Nobody at this time last year would have foreseen gyms and fitness centers nationwide receiving legal orders to close their doors.

People like you and I of all ages are looking for exercise fitness and gym equipment to buy in order to start working out at home. Afterall, it’s the only alternative left for most of us unless you own your own gym?

Let’s get back to the original question. What happened to the dumbbells? Why are there no dumbbells to buy?

It’s quite simple to answer because it’s all about supply and demand. Who would have thought the demand would have exploded overnight as it did looking for any piece or type of gym equipment and fitness machines from a 1lb dumbbell to an elliptical machine. The pandemic Covid-19 caught all gym equipment manufacturers, fitness and exercise machine manufacturers by surprise leaving their supply of such equipment at an extreme exhausted level.

For now, the gym and fitness equipment manufacturers are now understanding the cause of the depletion of gym and fitness equipment nationwide and are now working to replenish their inventory.

The dumbbell has been the one piece of gym equipment to be the most difficult to come by during these trying times. Dumbbells typically do not take up much space, are very versatile for most parts of your body and are cost affordable compared to some other pieces of gym equipment.

The surge for dumbbells regardless of brand has created the shortage. It is without a doubt this author feels it is the dumbbell that most likely exhausted its available inventory meaning “supply” first by not being able to keep up with the unexpected “demand”.

Gym goers, we all thought about working out from home however, with the convenience of gyms and health clubs offering all the gym, fitness and exercise equipment needed at affordable monthly gym membership fees along with the ability to meet and greet other gym goers with the same interest, it was a n brainer to work-out at these great health & fitness facilities. However, with gyms and health clubs closing their doors, the alternative we all thought about when it comes to working out at home has now become a true reality.

The pandemic Covid-19 has now caused the decision for the health & fitness pendulum to move the other way toward the direction of working out from home

In conclusion, the pandemic has brought the gym, fitness and health industry to your home. America’s dumbbell shortage should be answered soon by your favorite gym equipment manufacturers now that the nations sports equipment manufacturers both experienced and understands what happens when huge demand collides with a broken supply chain.

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