In today’s economic uncertainty one this is for certain, and that is everyone is watching their money including school districts. High school funding has been drying up for several years now, but the needs of the schools has not — such as purchasing gym equipment.

High schools traditionally only bought new gym equipment, but budget cuts and funding shortages have forced school districts to rethink their buying needs.

One area that high schools have been able to save significantly without losing any quality has been through purchasing used gym equipment rather than new fitness equipment.

This small adjustment has made a significant difference in both the amount of funding the schools used to need, to the amount of equipment the schools are able to afford on a tight budget. By purchasing quality used commercial fitness equipment, schools get high quality fitness machines for a fraction of the price of buying the machines brand new.

The high schools just need to make sure that they are purchasing fitness and strength equipment from a reputable company. Here are some guidelines to ensure our high schools and the general public are buying from a reputable used commercial fitness company.

First is to make sure the company has been in business for at least 7 years; the longer the better.

Second is to view their website, call them on the phone and ask them a few questions.

Third would be to know that they have over a fifteen thousand square feet facility or larger to actually store and house the exercise machines.

Fourth would be to make sure that they have a service team that is able to fix the machines if they stop working.

Fifth is to know they have a stock of parts on hand or in stock, in case an emergency part is needed for a machine.

Following these steps can enable your high school to save thousands of dollars and still get quality fitness and strength equipment.  This is possible thanks to companies that specialize in taking commercial gym equipment and remanufacturing these machines to like new condition.

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