Matrix A5X Ascent Trainer

Matrix A5X Ascent Trainer


The Matrix A5x Ascent Elliptical Crosstrainer. Completely self-powered, this fitness machine features a space-saving cordless belt drive system—a system that not only offers freedom in terms of placement but one that will also save the user plenty of money over time. Its unique variable incline setting, with a range of 24 percent to 54 percent, is very responsive. And the variable stride length—with a maximum stride of 24 inches—makes for a dynamic workout that can also target the muscles in the hamstrings, core, and glutes. The Ascent Elliptical Crosstrainer offers a constant rate of acceleration, and its fluid motion makes it very quiet and responsive at all speeds.

There are 25 distinct levels of resistance on the Matrix A5x Ascent Elliptical Crosstrainer. These on-the-fly resistance settings can be used to increase or decrease the intensity of the 8 pre-programmed workout plans from which users can select. They include a “Rolling Hills” workout; a program designed to keep users in their target heart rate (heart rate is measured both by touch sensors in the grips of the handlebars or wirelessly via the optional chest strap); a constant watts program; interval training, featuring periods of rest punctuated by brief periods of exertion; a fat-burning workout regimen; a fitness test; and a manual setting—great for those who want to create their own special workout program designed around their needs.

All of the relative fitness data on the Matrix A5x Ascent Elliptical Crosstrainer is measured—and can be monitored—on the large LED display console. From this cool feature, users can track things like heart rate (dynamic and constant heart rate); calories burned (and calories burned per hour); distance; incline; resistance; METs; watts; and elapsed time.

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  • Large clear and easy to read console
  • Step length in the range of 53 – 61 cm
  • The sheer range of 30 degrees
  • Measurement of heart rate
  • A number of training programs (Manual, Rolling hills, Intervals, Fat Burn, Glute Training, Fit Test, Target HR, Constant Watts)TECH SPECS
  • Max User Weight: 401 lbs
  • Weight: 390 lbs
  • Dimensions: 80″ x 34.5″ x 72″

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