The elliptical trainer is a top choice for home exercise equipment.  What makes it so popular?  Well, a few of the pluses of an elliptical machine are:

  • Boosts your stamina and cardio capacity.
  • Burns a lot of calories.
  • Puts less stress on your joints.
  • Provides both an upper and lower body workout.
  • Burns body fat.
  • Improves your balance.
  • Targets specific leg muscles.
  • Variety of options.
  • Easy and quick to learn to use.

Now that you know the reasons for the elliptical machine popularity, allow me to assist you with information on the Precor EFX® 883 with Converging CrossRamp. This elliptical exercise machine provides reliability with a natural converging stride path that allows the exerciser’s footpath, like walking or running, to converge naturally.  Carrying on the tradition of Precor reliability and service and to improve your ownership experience, the EFX is easy to clean and maintain with a covered ramp and rear drive housing.  The EFX 883 combines the benefits of the Precor CrossRamp technology with fixed handlebars for a total-body workout. Also, the adjustable CrossRamp technology offers ramp inclines from 10 to 35 degrees to target different muscle groups for more workout variety. Lastly, the 880 line touchscreen console provides exercisers with an engaging workout through an intuitive interface.

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