Let’s discuss how to transform your body with affordable new and used fitness equipment for your home gym especially during the holiday seasons.

In today’s pandemic masked world, it seems the entire world is searching for a 2022 way to safely and healthily tighten and tone your body at home. Discovering new ways to lose fat and get in shape is obviously big business. It seems that every day there is a new piece of equipment or a new “revolutionary workout” that is being advertised on TV or fitness magazines. Everything from incredibly complex abdominal machines, to high end home gyms that cost as much as your mortgage payment.

With all of these choices being thrust at us all the time, how can we choose? How do we know which ones are really worth the time, effort, and expense? Well, have no fear, because this article may have the answers for you. Let me tell you about one of the most effective exercise tools on the market, one that will literally transform the way you think about exercise, and one that will dramatically speed up the results you get. Now, before you get the wrong idea and think that I am no better than the plethora of ads I just talked about, let me say that this tool is most likely new … only to you — the reader of this article. What I am talking about has been around for hundreds of years? I am talking about the Russian kettlebell.

Remember when I asked “How do we know which ones are really worth the time, effort, and expense?” How about 300 plus years of proven results? The kettlebell has been around since 1700, maybe even before that. Russians used the bell, which resembles a cannonball with a handle, as a counterbalance in their open air food markets. Some of the market owners started lifting the weights for fun and challenging each other to lift heavier and heavier weights and thus, a new sport was formed. Because of the unique design of the bell, an amazing array of lifts and exercises were possible and some even began throwing around the large handled bells to add even more intensity to the workout.

Working out with a kettlebell is unlike anything you have ever tried before. The basic idea of the kettlebell is to use your entire body to move the bell through space and using principles of physics, the weight is transferred through all of your muscles increasing the calories you burn and the muscles you work out. Rather than just standing still and lifting a dumbbell or barbell, the kettlebell is an active exercise often involving swinging the bell, power lifting moves such as the clean and snatch, and for those who are really experienced, even hand to hand drills that involve throwing and catching the bell just as the Russians did hundreds of years ago.

If you are looking for an exciting way to tighten and tone your body, pick up a kettlebell and give it a try. Promise … it is addictive, and very effective. You may start to experience your body looking and feeling stronger and leaner than it has ever been before. Kettlebells have been around for hundreds of years, don’t you think it is time you tried them out?
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