People everywhere are worried about the global pandemic. However, the unfortunate truth is that taking all the precautions to avoid getting the virus is as simple as understanding how your body’s immune system works.


While it’s still unsure about the efficacy or availability of the newly released three virus vaccines, one truth is known — your body already has natural defenses against diseases. Boosting your immune system may not stop you from getting the virus, but if you do contract it, it will help you fight it off.


But how do you strengthen your immune system in a way to deal with COVID-19?


First, drink a lot of fruit juice.  Fruit juices like orange juice contain vitamin C, and it’s well-known that this vitamin can significantly boost your immune system.


Vitamin C is essential for producing a type of white blood cell known as lymphocytes. Lymphocytes are a critical part of how the body responds to disease. They detect foreign organisms and rally to the defense of the body’s tissues.


They are crucial to the body winning its fight against invading organisms, like SARS-CoV-2, which causes COVID-19. Ensuring your body has enough vitamin C gives it a valid defense mechanism against these invading pathogens.


If you can’t get fresh juice, consider eating fresh fruits instead.

Second, supplemental immune boosters.  If you already have a robust immune system, you may be able to fight off any pathogens that make their way into your body.


However, these disease-causing organisms are continually evolving. Getting the flu shot last season is no guarantee you’ll avoid this season’s strain. Immune booster supplements such as ImmunoCillin can help to shore up your body’s natural defenses and give you an edge against pathogens.


Keeping your immune system at the top of its game also saves you from other infectious diseases. A robust immune system also must prepare for recurring attacks.


Third, do your part by exercising regularly.  The virus affects all of us, and we must take precautions to deal with it. Our bodies are susceptible to illness, but we have an advantage by knowing how to avoid it or cope with it. 


Don’t underestimate the role of exercise and a good diet in remaining healthy. 

Regularly exercising in your home gym or home workout space will boost your mood and immune system. 


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It’s only by constant vigilance that we can face a challenge like Covid-19 and overcome it. With time, most of society will be vaccinated and things can start to become normal again, but we’ll have to rely on our own initiative until then.