Schools and universities have their own athletic department budgets to consider when choosing the right fitness equipment for a school. It is important to understand your space limitations, requirements, location, sports offered at your school and the needs of your students and athletes when starting to purchase any type of fitness equipment and gym equipment for your schools’ athletic department and gym.

When planning the layout and design for a dedicated exercise space for a middle school, high school, university, hotel, or community center, you want to make sure you are meeting the fitness needs of your students, athletes and faculty not to mention the fitness and gym equipment should support the sport curriculums offered at your schools.

Understanding the needs of your students, athletes, athletic departments, and the various sports your school participates in will determine which fitness and gym equipment to buy. For example. Your football department will require heavy duty commercial grade fitness and gym equipment to handle the weight load capacity and strength expectations.

This author suggests to purchase used and or refurbished commercial grade fitness and gym equipment in order to complete your gym facility and athletic department requirements. This includes commercial fitness strength training machines and equipment along with commercial cardio machines.

Remember, it is very important when purchasing used and refurbished commercial grade fitness machines and gym equipment that the equipment is commercial grade and not an inexpensive residential or home gym.

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