This is it  — the second (and final) writing designed to supply you with that further needed oomph that will entice you to continue in your ongoing and regular home gym exercise routine!  We ended Part One of this article series with three home exercise motivating shout outs.  So, let’s proceed with our inspiring exercise article with our next workout motivation … .


The fourth tip is to monitor your progress. Hang a calendar on the wall and cross out every box corresponding to the dates that you have exercised. Seeing all those crossed out boxes is guaranteed to make you feel extremely proud of your achievement and at the same time will motivate you to keep up the good work. Remember to regularly check your weight as well because nothing, and yes nothing, can make you feel better than seeing for yourself that your weight is decreasing.


Fifth, pat yourself on the back. In other words, do not forget to give yourself a reward for a job well done. Exercising regularly in your home gym means that you have attained a considerable feat; do not hesitate to treat yourself as the acknowledgement and reward can only serve to encourage you to work out even longer and harder in your home gym. 


Sixth, have a role model. Choose someone you would like to look like for daily encouragement and help with your regular exercise at your home gym. If you have chosen one already, have a life-size photo of your role model made and post it in your home gym. Every time you are feeling lazy or burnt, simply look at that photo and remind yourself that you need to exercise regularly if you want to look like him or her.


Last but not the least, get things right.  Make sure that your home gym has all the necessary equipment to give you a fun and complete workout. Have home gym exercise equipment that can help build your stamina, flexibility, and strength. Make sure it is also easy and comfortable to use. Remember, your home gym must also be regularly cleaned because no one is inclined to work out if they have to do so in a pigsty – or something close to it. 


For more information on renting or buying exercise equipment fitness and working out in the comfort of your own home gym visit Used Fitness Sales at, or call them at 866-497-0494.  And ultimately remember — the motivation to exercise will still come from you!