Unfortunately, spending your hard-earned money for your home gym is 

not a guarantee that you will be using it faithfully everyday. If you want your home gym to help you achieve your fitness goals, you need to have the right motivators working for you. This two part article series will provide you with a few positive tips to get you started and help you on your way to physical fitness.


First, design your home gym the way you want it. There were surely things that you did not like in your old commercial gym but had no power to change, right.  But now you have the chance to do things your way! After all, it is your very own home gym so whatever you say goes. This is the time to make all the necessary changes to ensure that your home gym is the best place you want to exercise at!


Second, invite all your mask wearing friends over. There is perhaps nothing more enjoyable than exercising with your friends. Misery during pandemic times always loves company, after all, and you definitely will not mind sweating blood and tears on the treadmill if you see your best friend experiencing the same thing over the weightlifting area of your home gym. After all, you just might have given birth to a new routine for you and your friends.


Third, watch a movie. Turn on Netflix or Zulu and watch any movie you have not seen yet but you have always been interested in. A new movie can make you temporarily forget the physical torture you are enduring and focus instead on the story unfolding on the screen.


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