I love to run but I can’t. I want to run bit I no longer can. I want to take long walks but my balance will not allow me to do so.

I want to take long walks but my feet won’t Are you finding the going a bit hard these days? Dissatisfied with life without knowing why?

I use to love working out every day, I would play basketball, lift weights, play volleyball, tennis and dance.
I turned 13 and the gift of life I received was MS. I am now 48 years of age and looking for ways to work out, remain in shape, search for a much healthier me while satisfying the feeling I had when I use to work out.

There is nothing better than a good workout and the feeling you get from that afterwards.
I recently discovered the elliptical machine as an amazing all around workout fitness machine that allowed someone like me with MS to be able to master and enjoy.

The elliptical allowed me to workout without worries of loss of balance or joint pain.
Elliptical machines allowed me to use my energy that is so precious to people with MS sparingly in order to complete a 45- minute daily workout.

If anyone out there has joint issues, health concerns, a disease beyond your control like MS, etc. then I would highly recommend an elliptical machine.

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