I can’t run outside without a mask… Can’t workout at the gym… Can’t even feel comfortable to take long walks without wearing a mask… I ask you, what to do? I feel as if I do nothing but eat, watch the calories I intake and I can’t even leave my home to go to work. I just feel like a couch potato during Covid-19 and this is not how I like to manage my life.

Yes, it’s time to take action, control the situation instead of allowing the situation control our lives. Our mind and body are our temple therefore, we need to start a new way of thinking when it comes to exercising our mind and body to maintain a fit heathy lifestyle.

It’s time to address the reality of what we can and can’t do comfortably during the Covid-19 pandemic.  Now is the time we are all saying to ourselves “Yes” I want a home gym! It’s time to start thinking about a special space in your home, apartment, condo, townhome or room that will be dedicated to home fitness and exercise.  If you have the room to do so, consider crating a complete home gym for you and your family. If space does not permit, then perhaps a Precor cardio machine, treadmill, exercise bike, etc. These are a few great options when you have limited workout space.

Having a home gym in your home or a fitness machine has huge benefits;  here’s why.

  • Workout within your own schedules without the hassle of waiting for exercise equipment at public gyms.
  • No worries about having to clean some other persons sweat off gym equipment.
  • O judgement by others.
  • You have more freedom and time work out at your own pace without others waiting to use the exercise equipment you are using.
  • More affordable than a gym. You own the fitness machine for life, not monthly. Save on monthly gym dues.
  • Have as many workouts as you wish. There are o rules in your home.
  • You will be more Likely to Commit, and Stick, to Exercising.  Excuses to skip your workout are invalid with a home gym. Keep it real and true! Your own home gym gives you all kinds of opportunities to work out and ultimately puts 100% of the responsibility of getting fit and staying fit in your hands.

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