Top student athletes and teams know that physical fitness and body conditioning is an important component of any successful school sports program. Students in school athletics are able to perform their best when their bodies are in shape. They must spend time not only in practice sessions on the sports field or court, but also in weight and cardiovascular training sessions.

A well-equipped school gym or weight room is key in training these athletes. Regular workout routines using exercise machines designed to target specific areas of the body will help them achieve their physical goals and assist them in performing at the top of their game.

The exercise equipment in a school weight room should be chosen to fit the needs of the individuals that will be using it. Essential equipment includes a mix of both strength training and cardiovascular exercise machines. For schools with limited space or budget, minimal weight room equipment might include a treadmill, elliptical cross trainer, exercise bike, and a multi-station gym. Cardio equipment, such as a treadmill, helps with conditioning, especially if the athletes are unable to exercise outside due to weather or other circumstances.

Multi-station gyms provide a variety of strength training exercises that can be performed on one compact piece of strength training equipment.

Schools with larger weight rooms and budgets should double or triple up on standard exercise machines. Having multiple treadmills, ellipticals, bikes, and multi-station gyms will minimize wait times and make team practice and workout sessions more efficient. In addition to the multi-station gyms, a selection of free weights and weight benches is recommended to enhance strength training sessions. These should include both dumbbells and barbells with a variety of weight plates.

A free weight section has an added benefit of providing workout options when the weight room is busy. Student athletes can use the weights to start their workouts while waiting for the exercise machines.

School weight rooms are a must have for any established school athletics program. They provide a place for student athletes to build strength and endurance to help get them to the top of their game. They also provide a place for students to maintain their everyday health with a regular exercise routine on non-school days or during the off-season for school sports.

Exercise is an important part of staying healthy and a school weight room with a mix of strength and cardio exercise machines can help make students’ health and fitness goals easier to reach.

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